Membrane Switches

Our Membrane Switches serve a broad cross-section of manufacturing, electronic, medical, and consumer product providers. These key panels include tactile and non-tactile membrane switches, PCB actuator switches, elastomer keypads and transparent touch screens.

Membrane switches can be used in a great variety of low-voltage applications, from microprocessor-based systems to data entry pads and digital control panels. While thin and flexible, these screen-printed circuits are also rugged and reliable, and free from the common failures associated with mechanical parts.

Cost Savings with Membrane Switches

Membrane switches can be an economical alternative to mechanical switches. Tooling costs are low because we use steel rule dies to cut the circuit layers and overlays to your exact design specifications.

You can even use multiple custom overlays with a single circuitry design, lowering your overall cost of switch design and manufacture.

Membrane Switch Design Features


FASTRAK PROTOTYPING with soft tooling. Our Fastrak Prototyping offers you quick prototypes or short runs. With "Soft tooling" (CAD/CAM based manufacturing), dies are eliminated or reduced, saving time and money. Soft Tooling will also allow you inexpensive design changes before committing to production tooling. Also, in most cases, Fastrak Prototyping, non-recurring charges (NRCs) can be applied to production NRCs, resulting in further savings.

Short Lead-Times

Time-to-market is crucial to your business. A short lead-time is your advantage over the competition. We are able to create a delivery schedule that is consistent with your inventory and budget objectives.


Embedded LED, Fiber optic & electroluminescent (EL) backlighting are options that can save you money, time and/or board space.


Shielding can be fabricated from aluminum, copper, or other alloys. Screen-printed silver conductive ink on polyester can also be used. Window areas can be shielded with a transparent ITO film. Grounding can be achieved through the flex tail or a separate tab.

Tactile Response

Metal domes, polydomes and graphic tactile domes are available.