Passives, Semiconductor, and  Electro-Mechanical Components


Discrete Semiconductor Devices

For over 45 years, Central Semiconductor has manufactured innovative discrete semiconductors used in end products worldwide.

Products include standard and custom small signal transistors, bipolar power transistors, MOSFETs, diodes, rectifiers, protection devices, current limiting diodes, bridge rectifiers, thyristors, and silicon carbide semiconductors. Devices are available in industry standard surface mount and through-hole packages, MDM's (Multi Discrete Modules™), and as bare die. Standard devices can be up-screened to meet various standards and customer-specified requirements. Diminishing source products are also readily available.

Central has earned a reputation as a trusted manufacturer of the highest quality products, consistently delivered on time and professionally serviced.

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Standard and non-standard valued resistors

Precision Resistive Products (PRP) is a manufacturer of precision resistors, providing standard and non-standard valued resistors both in leaded and surface mount styles. Available resistors: Thin Film, Wire Wound, Thick Film, Metal Film, Power Resistors, Metal Strip, Shunts, Current Sense, Surge and Pulse Withstanding, and Metal Oxide.

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